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Memory Care for a Healthy Senior Mind

The importance of memory care as well as physical care for seniors in Alpharetta, GA

Staying active in the senior years means more than just physical activity. Being mentally active is just as important, and that’s why Comfort Keepers incorporates memory care into our care plans. Our philosophy of caring for the whole person means we’ll work with you to create strategies that lift up physical, mental, emotional, and social health in ways that fit your loved one best.

Memory care can take different forms for each of our clients. Aging creates many changes in the body and mind, as can medications, long-term habits, and other parts of our lifestyles. With holistic care from Comfort Keepers, you’ll work with a caregiver who can help with outings, games, social activities, companionship, and more that make your loved one’s life brighter and more vibrant.

When you work with our agency, we’ll create a customized care plan that not only meets your scheduling and budget needs, but also meets your loved one’s particular diagnoses, home needs, habits, and preferences. We know that no two people are alike, so we plan the activities and assistance that your individual loved one will most benefit from. That might include walks Webb Bridge Park, a cup of coffee at a favorite diner, organized activities at Crabapple Senior Center, or help with home tasks like gardening or crafts.

Keeping the Mind Active

In particular, memory care incorporates activities that energize the parts of the brain that help with recall, connection, and remembering times, places, and faces. That might include watching family movies, looking through old photographs, exploring family heirlooms, or researching genealogy. Memory care might also incorporate games of strategy for mental stimulation, or creative hobbies like sewing or woodworking for motor skill stimulation. All of these exercise different parts of the brain, enabling your loved one to maintain a more nimble mind.

We also offer specialized Alzheimer’s and dementia care, for clients who have received those diagnoses. Caregivers who work with clients with Alzheimer’s and dementia focus on emotional health, such as reducing anxiety, managing stress and anger, and encouraging activities that connect your loved one with family, home, and routine.

In home caregiving services from Comfort Keepers can help your loved one maintain good physical activity as well as mental activity. Our caregivers can also help maintain regular medication schedules, healthy meals, personal care, laundry, and more.

If you’re helping to care for a loved one and worried about a decline in mental or physical health, we’re ready to help. To learn more about our comprehensive in-home care services, contact our Alpharetta office today at (770) 232-6360.


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Personalized Senior Care

Personalized Senior Care

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