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Help for Seniors is Available 24/7: Medical Alert Systems at Home

Jan 18, 2018 by Alan White

You may remember the commercial, “Help, I’ve fallen, and I can’t get up!” Although we may have laughed when the ad came on the television, the reality is that your parent may need a medical alert system in order to stay safe. But if your loved one doesn’t want to use their medical alert, or doesn’t know how, then what’s the benefit? Except in the case of 24-hour care, help for seniors isn’t available all the time. A way for your loved one to stay safe at all times is a necessity. 

Whether your mother or father has help for seniors, too often mom or dad believes they don’t need to change anything – they plan on their lifestyle staying the same next year and ever year after that. However, even if your loved one is exercising and eating right, aging increases the possibility of injury. If you notice that your mother or father is having trouble getting up after a fall, consider discussing an alert system with them. Setups like Comfort Keepers’ Personal Emergency Response System (PERS) need to be set up before there’s a problem.

When a PERS is set up for your parent, they need some basic training on the components. But they aren’t the only ones – you and any caregivers in the house should know how to operate these systems as well.

We recommend learning the difference between in-home versus cellular alert systems. Identify the range of distance that your alert system will cover. Location systems like GPS are great for locating your parent, but only if there’s a signal. Is the basement off limits? Do you need a second speaker upstairs? These are the questions you want to answer in advance.

Services offering help for seniors want you to know that price isn’t the only consideration. Do your homework! Look for hidden fees and ask the senior care centers what medical alert systems work and which ones don’t. Make sure your loved one is in safe hands.

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