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At Home Care Services for Dementia in Alpharetta, GA

Dementia care is part of our compassionate at home care services for seniors in your area

Caring for a loved one with dementia is one of the toughest struggles to face, but there is help available. When you seek at home care services from Comfort Keepers of Alpharetta, GA, you are taking one step closer to improving the life of your loved one as well as taking a lot of stress off of yourself.

If your senior loved one has begun to show significant signs of dementia or has been diagnosed with dementia, it may feel very overwhelming. The Comfort Keepers team has training and experience with senior citizens who deal with dementia, so you can rest assured that we understand your loved one’s situation and will do whatever we can to keep him or her as comfortable and active as possible.

Alpharetta, GA is a bustling yet cozy suburb of Atlanta, GA. Other than out-of-the-norm days, the weather is relatively good year round and the area boasts a rich history. Your loved one’s grandchildren will love the Alpharetta Family Skate Center (a.k.a. “The Cooler”) and you can enjoy biking, jogging, and walking through the sprawling Alpharetta Big Creek Greenway. There is always plenty to do and a lot of beautiful areas, so it is no surprise your loved one would want to stay at home.

Through our at home care services, we work to help your parent maintain his or her independence. We use our specialized Interactive Caregiving™ system, which includes getting to know your loved one on a personal basis and learning what he or she likes and dislikes. Through this, we develop a plan that works to stimulate your loved one’s mind and allow for more cohesive thought processes.  We can do anything your loved one would like to do, from reading books and listening to music to just talking and keeping each other company.

Taking care of someone with dementia is difficult, but it can be done. When you decide you need some help with your senior loved one, Comfort Keepers of Alpharetta, GA can give you a much-needed break from putting all of your energy into taking care of him or her. Call today and ask about our stellar at home care services for your elderly loved one. 

Comfort Keepers of Alpharetta provides in home care services in the following cities and neighborhoods in Georgia:

AlpharettaMilton, and Roswell

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