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Home Elder Care in Alpharetta can Help with Fall Prevention

Preventing falls with a proactive home elder care approach

Falling is one of the most frequent reasons that Americans over 65 years old are admitted to a hospital. If your loved one falls, they may need emergency medical care, a hospital stay, physical therapy, and more. This can add up to a lot in medical bills, and the consequences of a fall can include long-term injury. Home elder care recommends taking a proactive approach to fall prevention.

As your loved one ages, they can develop different problems that lead to a fall. Foot pain and loss of vision are fairly common, leading your mom or dad to distribute their weight differently and reducing the chance that they will be able to catch themselves. Aging adults can also lose bone and muscle mass over time if they don’t exercise and eat properly, which makes tripping easier and increases the chance of injury after a fall.

Avoiding falls means asking two important questions: 1) does your loved one have high quality of life, and 2) is their environment dangerous? Start off by looking at your loved one’s diet and exercise routine. Many older adults have chronic health conditions, and may suffer from pain, which leads them to a sedentary lifestyle. Home elder care recommends looking at the Dietary Guidelines for Americans, which includes recommendations for food intake as well as exercise. Food and exercise play a large role in keeping your loved one resistant to falls. In addition, work with your loved one to identity potential falling hazards where they live. Slippery objects, rooms with poor lightning, and clutter in a room can all cause trips. You may want to work with an at home elder care agency to identify potential hazards.

If you are concerned that your loved one will fall, a medical alert system can be set up in your loved one’s home that they can easily use in emergency situations. A monitoring team will be able to talk with your loved one through a two-way device, and send assistance directly to your loved one’s location.

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