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Nutrition & Diet: Caring for Seniors in Alpharetta, GA

When caring for seniors, proper nutrition is crucial to long term health

Beginning when we are children, we are all taught that proper nutrition and diet is crucial for our well-being. We learn the food groups and that the sugary, delicious treats may not be so good for us. Nutritional recommendations may change throughout the years, but proper nutrition and diet never stops being important. In fact, it is even more important when caring for seniors, as a lack of proper nutrition can lead to severe malnutrition and illness.

The Mayo Clinic and American Dietetic Association report that more than 33% of seniors are at-risk for malnutrition, and the Mayo Clinic has even published guidelines on how to prevent it. Malnutrition can be very detrimental to anyone, especially an older person who is more vulnerable to it. That is why Comfort Keepers of Alpharetta, GA has nutrition in mind when caring for seniors. When our clients choose us, they can rest assured that we have the expertise and knowledge regarding nutritional needs and standards.

There are several ways we work to monitor your senior loved one’s diet and nutritional intake. First, our home care experts are always looking for any sign of malnutrition, which includes bruising easily and slow wound healing. We also watch for sudden weight loss because a large drop in weight can indicate a nutritional problem. Our caregivers can also sit with your mom or dad during mealtimes so we can pay attention to eating habits and routines. As always, we also recommend that family members or friends come by and spend mealtime with your elderly loved one, because having someone there may affect his or her intake in a positive way.

The signs of malnutrition are not always obvious, especially in the early stages, but it can be prevented and remedied if needed. We at Comfort Keepers of Alpharetta, GA promise that we make sure proper nutritional needs are met when caring for seniors. Your elderly loved one is in good hands and we vow to track eating habits and weight gain/loss while ensuring he or she is consuming an adequate diet and has company while eating. Call us today for a consultation.

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