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How Home Care Services in Roswell Can Help with Transportation Services

Reliable transportation when your loved ones need it is included in our home care services

If your loved one requires the level of assistance and monitoring that full time or part time senior care can provide, you may have concerns about retaining their autonomy and independence. This can be especially true if your loved one suffers from Alzheimer’s or is showing symptoms of another memory disorder. Home care services in Roswell GA can help to ease the symptoms of Alzheimer’s and other memory disorders by helping to stimulate the brain with transportation services.

Driving requires fast reflexes, adherence to a multitude of rules and regulations, and speed maintenance; if your loved one is beginning to show signs of memory issues, they can quickly lose their driving abilities due to safety concerns. Most adults in the United States have relied on their ability to drive as their source of freedom for most of their lives- thus, losing this ability can be a devastating blow to the self-esteem and psychological well-being of your loved one.

Home care services providing transportation can help to restore this self-confidence, as well as improve the cognitive functioning of your loved one. Experts agree that one of the best ways to alleviate the symptoms of memory disorders is cognitive stimulation- that is, changing the environment and challenging the brain on a regular basis. In a traditional senior care facility, residents may not have the opportunity to leave the area- this is especially true concerning those with memory-related illnesses, as these residents may even be consigned to a specific floor. With home care services, your loved one gets the one-on-one attention that is needed to restore their independence with travel.

Be it to the supermarket, a social club, or the library, regular cognitive stimulation provided by a change in environment can do wonders for your loved one’s memory abilities. Most families with a loved one suffering from Alzheimer’s take it upon themselves to provide transportation- however, even if you are able to take time off from work, childcare, or other responsibilities, the symptoms of Alzheimer’s need to be mitigated for years. Transportation services, provided by senior home care professionals, ease some of this burden off of family members, while also providing your loved one with the freedom and mobility that they need to continue living a full day. At Comfort Keepers of Alpharetta, GA, we pride ourselves on putting your family first- give us a call today, and let us help you devise a plan to help your loved one regain their life.

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